Our Mission Statement

Health is the most precious blessing God gave to man.

The Nabih Berri Governmental University Hospital of Nabatieh is a medical, cultural, social and human resource. It is the hospital’s mission to provide basic and specialised health services with the safest and the highest quality technologies, supported by continuous education based on advanced medical and nursing machinery, to offer job opportunities and economic movement in the community, and to serve as many individuals as possible without distinction between social strata through effective leadership. It is different with its optimal use of resources and a hard working team, to meet the needs of all the patients and their families.

Our Vision

Health care is not a privilege, it’s a human right.

This hospital strives to maintain the continuous development in order to reach its goal of becoming a distinguished institution in the community. It does so by providing basic, specialised and distinctive health services, maintaining technical progress to keep up with the growing needs, as well as contributing to the scientific, health, and social development of the society.

Our Values

Respect & Confidentiality
Non Discrimination
Environmental Respect
Quality Improvement and Care Delivery
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